How did this start?

Jay and Damien met at a workshop in AZ in 2017.  Damien gave Jay a pair of Jordan’s.  It was awesome.  Read the full story here.

Is my donation tax deductible?

At this point, no.  We’re trying to go lean and mean for maximum impact.  As a result, we’re self-funding all expenses and donating ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of donations to buy shoes for kids.

How can I help? 

Donate what you can.  Remember, the wind can turn a candle into a wild fire.  Help us spread the word and fuel the movement.  Like our Facebook page @GivingKicks https://www.facebook.com/givingkicks/ and invite your friends to do the same! Follow us on Instagram and stay-tuned for our Ugly Kicks Contest! https://www.instagram.com/givingkicks/

I know someone who is in need of kicks–how do I nominate them?

Thank you for thinking of others.  Click here to nominate a kid for kicks!

I have a business and we want to sponsor this–how can I contribute to the movement?

Please email Jay@GivingKicks.com